TOEFL Scores

Apparently, by some sleight-of-life, the little jaunt to Duesseldorf resulted in a fair enough score to meet the requirements at my school. This should clear the way, paradoxical as it may be, for me to go to Paris. In fact, if I am very lucky, then I might even get to the school of schools, the ominous HEC. I’m scared of this already… when will all my hochstaplerei come tumbling down? Or will I just be free to go, only to have angry Parisienne People dump my flaccid body into the turbid Seine?

Most people won’t get my Troy post, because it is full of puns that only those who were along for the Startwoche will really appreciate. However, my personal best of is quoted below:

Peter ist geniert, weil man mit den meisten Menschen nur auf der Oberfläche verkehren kann. Er ist frustriert, dass er das Objekt nicht penetrieren darf. Die Idee der Oberfläche stört Ihn. Er wolle mit Menschen die Oberfläche verlassen und tiefer gehen. Am liebsten würde er das Objekt deswegen auseinanderfalten und – behaupten böse Zungen – vielleicht selbst in die Mitte steigen.

good night!!!

Moving along these Weeks

Well, Let me just give you all a few impressions of what I have been up to the last few weeks….

The AIESEC Christmas dinner. I actually got an award! Thanx guys!

Then a Quicktrip to do the TOEFL to Düsseldorf and Munich with my main men Leo (l.), Hendrik (r.), Akin (not pictured). Leo is a crazy guy from Moscow, just the sort of person whos usually really missing at the university.

Then it all went very quickly: the next night we had to leave for the Orchestra trip (somewhere in Austria). To my right, speeding through this town, Raphael.

And the less beautiful inside. At least I got every girl’s sympathy the next day…

Do-IT: The beautiful Melancholy outside…

A Hungarian Dinner. Alot of new faces; I was happy to greet Claudia (Neuweiler), Tibor, Zoli (always a pleasure), Márton…