Bowling Evening

My BuddyBaby -Liz from Prague- and I pose after winning the first round (we lost all subsequent rounds)
Bea takes her time as Mr. Feelings decides to check the instruction manual again

Mr. Feeling gets in position as Bea from Hungary tries to hide from the camera’s inquisitive lens.
I don’t want to sound negative, but bowling evenings usually really suck. Pounded into dust by people who assure you that it’s the first time they play, a man’s self esteem can see lows hitherto reserved to bad dreams of being in class only in one’s underwear. On the Buddysystem Bowling night, it was time again to be subject to this intricate game of subjugation. Luckily, I atually had pleasant company to easen the pain… So this time, I can say for the first time that BowlingNight was not a complete fiasco.

EuroLDS: The world pales in comparison.

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The dream is over… Group Bobbystyle gives one last pose before we go…

The Khazak delegation had us sign a banana. It was probably the most sane thing we did at the conference.

Someone tell this Dutchman that Global Village is over…

The next morning, everyone slipped into suits to pretend nothing had happened… I fought hard to hide the amortization… I lost:
The Beauty and the Beast.

Memories become fuzzy after this point. However, it is when the party really took off. (My last photo is dated 2 hours after this one. What remains is the wildest, craziest party of my life..

I pose with Petra, a particularly pleasant member of the Hungarian delegation.

I left the Swiss stand for some adventure. I’m not sure who took this picture; It was taken before I was hit with a cannoball combination of snooz tobacco, caviar and two shots of single-malt at the Norwegian stand. It hardly threw me off, however; i was determined to give every stand a chance to wow me with their local foods and bevarages.

Candy (name changed to maintain social acceptance) came to our stand, wanting to get a nice Swiss drink. All we could offer her was some 55% Kirsch.

The Dutch stand assumes position. On the left is Kris, whose family owns a liquour empire. Needless to say, Kris did not come empty-handed.

Like some carefully orchestrated Greek Tragedy, we were heading towards climax. On the picture, last minute preparations at the Turkish stand for the ominous Global Village

We did a bit of a photoshooting on the beach next day, to practice team bonding…

Already on the second night, which was but an introduction, people were quite crazy…

Then the second day started… left to right: Dänu from Berne and Marc, (my man for external relations) preparing to sheik things up.

The official part was already quite fun, with activities designed for ten-year olds performed by people more than twice that age with a wicked hangover from the party the day before…

The Backdrop: hundreds of people in AIESEC EB (executive board) positions wanting to learn more about Europe and the world around them… The conference was very educational, but due to my target audience on this blog, I will focus on nocturnal activities…

Did you ever look out the window and think, what must it be like right now… at the most whacked out place in the world ? Well, from sunday, the 12th or March to friday, the 17th, we no longer asked. We were too busy being there. It’s damn hard to tell the story through pictures, especially if you have a lousy photographer. But EuroLDS was so crazy, so whacked, and so great, some things shine through…

Föld, Föld (Sentimental Journey)

Where will this road lead?

And then, you let go…

A typical street in Szigetszentmiklos. Most people in this town are neither rich, nor poor; they have what they need.

Szigetszentmiklos is surrounded by no man’s land – some places, it creeps into the city…

Before I went to Belgium, I flew back to Hungary for a short week. It ended up being
a kind of journey home. The old church in Sigetszentmiklos. I had first communion here.