My Bro in Andaluzia

Guys, while I was on ISP, my Bro wasn’t hybernating, either, but having this type of edge-of the world, Robinsoncrusoesque experience with his significantly younger girlfriend. I found following picture so rich, I just have to post it. Man, if I wouldn’t have had a great vacation, I’d have reason to be melon-choly! And while we’re talking melons, check out the scary parallels between our two vacations.

We want more! More ISP !!!

at the end, it was only the Egyptians, and Jasper and me again… and then, just Jasper and me… and the whole thing seemed like one crazy dream to take back to good old Switzerland, as a memory…

the days sped past…

and the daily kisses…

Ah, the nightly dance rituals!

And concentrated on more important things. On the picture: three of us photographing a sign reading “shampooing prohibited”

but in good company, we forgot about that rather early…

Well ok, so maybe the light fixture in the hotel room was less than perfect….

We have arrived.

Jasper and I chilling on the hellishly long busride to paradise.

Gearing up for the Ultimate.

Forget Hollywood. This summer of passion & experience, I am gearing up for the ultimate Trip. In the last spasms of my student career, I feel that life is somehow accelerating towards a concatenation of amplifying bifurcation points. The logical next step is the International Congress. Ten days of serenity with the creme de la creme of student life, somewhere in europe. Hugged by miscellaneous points of random encounter, 5 days in Poland, afterwards a plane to the Puszta. Will the trip continue back from the edge of the world? I rest, to gain strength.