Is deadflies marketing confusion?

Dear readers,

I am ashamed.

No sooner was my site starting to become popular with broader audiences than I suddenly realized that innocent newcomers are being welcomed with more boring, pseudo- intellectual reading than ever before.

Now, not that I don’t appreciate the avid discussions that some of these monster texts incur, but I do believe that dead flies is and should be targeted towards a neo-illiterate, illustration-craving audience. So without further ado, here a picture from one of my previous posts more in tune with the dead flies philosophy.

I hope that gives us some food for thought.

Anyway, I hope to see all new visitors again, soon. By that time, I promise, I will have
taken more vacation and will again post in the usual, nihilist style that all my regular readers are so fond of.

5 thoughts on “Is deadflies marketing confusion?”

  1. hehe…I am a reader…and as I am not the one who writes about life and his philosophical outcomes…I also don’t comment those things…so I appreciate all your not to sophisticated entry’s…
    your-blog-reader joe

  2. Hi Berti

    Having read through the stream of posts coming onto your blog the past few weeks, i can’t help asking myself: “How did i miss out on this for so long?!”

    It’s not just because your blog makes me laugh out loud (that happens with the frequency of a Thai Military Coup…) But more than that, i really love the mix of humour & sarcasm with critical perspectives and interesting topics.

    How is LCP life turing out so far? I hope you are enjoying the challenge! And i look forward to reading more success stories on the LC Blog 😉

    Take care, best of luck, and keep writing. Please 🙂

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