Must the deepest truths in life remain covert ?

After I finished the Silver Glow, I felt that I had reached a sort of core with its writing. That is why I am so much more fond of the piece than many of my other scribblings.

Nevertheless, I never understood what I exactly meant with the piece; over time, I have had various theories on what the story meant to me and why the protagonist acted the way he did. However, these theories changed with my moods and with time and thus had only superficial validity.

Perhaps the piece is precisely about this inability to explain the incident. To me, this “inexplicability” is something mysterious yet deeply inherent in life itself. I try to approach this inexplicability through the portrayal of an act which we cannot fully comprehend, even though we might emphasize with the protagonist and partly understand his motives, like perceiving “through translucent glass”…

Madrid, Marylin, Marry Moo Year 2008.

Ayayayay…. Here I am, back from vacation in Madrid, and all I got you is a lousy post card:

with Marilyn Moo-nroe. If it helps any, I’m probably committing a blatant act of copyright infringement just making this picture available to you, so if you don’t agree with its message, then you at least have the peace of mind that I might get sued. I must say, I found this card to be absolutely hilarious. Not in the ha-ha type of way, but in a genuinely cute and funny kind of way; and if you don’t agree, well, sucks to you, cause I, and all of us, ought to be preparing for a happy Moo Year 2008, whatever the hell that means.
What could it mean? The new year will bring us higher oil prices, an unstable Pakistan with nuclear weapons, another opportunity for the US to bless us with a loony president, and more global warming which seems, contrary to its promise, to make summers and winters alike colder, at least here in Switzerland.

So what I, Berti, will be doing is looking for the “island” in the chaos, and I sense that that will require, besides great perseverance, an XXL sense of humor, as shown on my final postcard from Madrid:yes monkey that’s, XX bloody L.

And because there will be enough challenge not just for me, but for everyone in 2008, I wish all of you, too, an XXL humor, and a very, very happy (2)mOO(8) year.