Must the deepest truths in life remain covert ?

After I finished the Silver Glow, I felt that I had reached a sort of core with its writing. That is why I am so much more fond of the piece than many of my other scribblings.

Nevertheless, I never understood what I exactly meant with the piece; over time, I have had various theories on what the story meant to me and why the protagonist acted the way he did. However, these theories changed with my moods and with time and thus had only superficial validity.

Perhaps the piece is precisely about this inability to explain the incident. To me, this “inexplicability” is something mysterious yet deeply inherent in life itself. I try to approach this inexplicability through the portrayal of an act which we cannot fully comprehend, even though we might emphasize with the protagonist and partly understand his motives, like perceiving “through translucent glass”…

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