Apparently, an internet site called has made it its mission to gather pointless, confusingly garbled data about me for all to find and cherish as the first thing in sight when you google my name (uh-oh, so I just gave myself away…). Unfortunately, the lack of love with which the facts were assembled hints at computer involvement…. Apart from an assortment of photographs of random strangers who apparently, for some reason, come to the computer’s mind when it thinks of my name (one thing they all have in common is that they all look French and kinda sleazy), there is quite a revealing “tag cloud”, which I recommend to all of you who really want to start understanding me (it has this sort of “portal to my unconscious” flair, especially because I don’t get it, either):
Bayern Design job Eth zürich Martin Aktualität Hungary Contest Abschluss Teilw Unisg Flies Projektes Car design Blogging Graph München Austausch Best car Darst Boesch Mecon

as you can see, you were right, all along… and all those years you kept on telling me that I should just listen to that part of me that wants to burst out… you were talking… of course… about Teilw!!!

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