Day two.

So, day 2 is almost over.  Well, I gotta say, we did have times when we pondered why in the world we decided to do this…  Every smell elicits a sense of hunger and longing, every store we pass beckons with chocolates, salamis, or fresh croissants.  Oh, to nibble again! I’m still getting to the deeper circles, but I’m sure Dante’s inferno will have the gluttons suffer by knowing they’ll never feast again (and I don’t just mean to be fed again with love, but also, quite literally, with delicious foods)!

Of course I’m exaggerating a tad, especially since most of the day (except for the occasional splitting headache) wasn’t that bad, in fact we had a good walk, I hemmed some pants, we went to see a movie and we got some good reading done, only occasionally thinking of how our meals comprised of carrot juices an seeds could be just so much more — so we closed our eyes and imagined the magnificent rewards that await us after next Thursday (the wind-down day).  By the way, we also entertain ourselves by looking at pictures of food on the internet, and learning about the history of croissants.

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